Friday, September 26, 2014

Knight Titan 11 - Just about done.

So this bad boy is just about in the books. I hit it with a satin varnish from Vallejo and its drying as we speak. The last Real Water Poor is in and curing as we speak. I'll probably hit it with some Iron Oxide powder from Secret Weapons Miniatures to dirty it up some so its dirty and rusty and we should be done.

The other last thing to do is going to be adding pins to the feet and to the base. The interesting thing is that the feet are hollow so I will have to put a ball of Green Stuff in there and add the rods to it. Then drill into the cork of the base and BLAM....Science.

Also I am having some real professional type pictures taken of this guy on Sunday so expect a picture heavy update Sunday night / Monday day.

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